CCC14: The new Cloud Stack - CloudStack, Xen and GlusterFS

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Denver, CO, USA

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CCC14: The new Cloud Stack - CloudStack, Xen and GlusterFS

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In the past, using GlusterFS as the backend storage for CloudStack, Xen or other cloud technologies was fairly simple, although difficult to scale. The operator would simply mount GlusterFS, and then direct their virtualization or cloud management platform to the mount point, just as they would to any local filesystem.

However, this method, while simple, proved not to scale for virtual block storage workloads. Over the past year, Gluster engineers have been developing an integration layer that would allow GlusterFS to perform better in these situations. This talk is about the result of that effort, libgfapi, and how it has been used to enable integration with the Xen hypervisor, CloudStack, OpenStack Nova, and a number of other software stacks. Learn how to benefit from this library as a developer and operator.

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