Xen 4.3 Test Day for RC5

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Xen 4.3 Test Day for RC5
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    Jun 19 2013 at 00:00 - Jun 19 2013 at 23:59
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    Xen Test Days are for people who care about Xen quality and want to improve it. Everybody is welcome!
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Xen Test Days are all day IRC events, facilitated by members of the Xen community. The purpose of Xen Test Days is to a) provide focus in testing Xen release candidates, b) focus on ensuring that Xen RCs work well with distros and c) Focus on new features of Xen.

  • Join us on IRC
  • Tell people what you intend to test
  • Make sure that a Xen release candidate works for you
  • Help others, get help!
  • And above all: have fun!

Join us on
#xentest@ freenode

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