XCP 1.6

XCP 1.6

XCP 1.6 Release Information

Xen.org is happy to announce that XCP 1.6 is available.

Additional Information for XCP 1.6 Beta Users

Upgrading to XCP 1.6 from the Beta Releases

You should be able to automatically upgrade from XCP 1.6 beta 2 onwards, to XCP final. For more information, and for more information on the beta 1.6 release history see the XCP 1.6 Release Notes.

General Information about XCP


Base ISO

Host Installation Program

Binary Package

Contains all the binary files that are contained in the installable image.

Source Package

Contains the sources for most of the core components of XCP such as XAPI, XAPI Libs, Xen Hypervisor, Dom0, Guest OSes, the installer, etc.

Auxiliary Package

Contains source and binaries for components and utilities that are needed for XCP development.