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"If it hasn't happened in an email list, it hasn't happened,"  -- Open Source axiom

Mailing Lists are the lifeblood of the Xen Project.  If you intend to actively participate in the development of the Xen Project, you will need to become familiar with the mailing lists and the mailing list etiquette:

  • Please post in plain text (i.e. not HTML), word-wrapped to somewhere around 72 characters.
  • Please don't top-post.
  • Please start a new thread for a new bug (don't just reply to a random email from the list).
  • Please don't email bugs directly to Xen Project developers. Keep the conversation on the list where other people (and search engines) can see it.
  • When you reply to a mail, ensure that you reply to the list and all author(s). Not all posters to the list may be subscribed to the list.

What About XenServer Questions?

Many people are confused about the relationship between Xen Project and XenServer.  XenServer is a distribution of Xen Project the same way that Ubuntu or SUSE are distributions of Linux.  You might go to a Linux kernel mailing list to talk about kernel bugs in your distribution, but the bulk of your issues are probably best handled by asking questions of the distribution itself.  This is true with XenServer as well, so for most XenServer-related issues, you will do best by starting with one of the XenServer support channels described at  The people in that community understand the context of their distribution very well and can most likely guide you to a resolution.

Search all Xen Project mailing lists using MarkMail:

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Mailing List Usage

Xen Project mailing lists have a web as well as an e-mail interface.

  • Send an e-mail command to (mylist may for example be xen-announce ) with one of the following commands in the subject line. Common commands are help, subscribe and unsubscribeAlternatively, you can use the Subscribe buttons below.
  • Go to (mylist may for example be xen-announce) and use the web interface to subscribe, unsubscribe or log into the list management interface.
  • Note that you can send to a Xen Project mailing list, without being subscribed to it. But your post will be moderated.
  • If you have problems, please send an e-mail to community dot manager at xenproject dot org.

Additional Information for Using the Developers Mailing List (xen-devel)

Please refer to the following documents for protocols involving patch submission, repositories, and general development questions:

General Mailing Lists


Announcements related to the project. These may be release annoucements, security advisories, announcements related to events. This is a low volume list, with about 1-2 posts per month.

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This list is for those using and installing the Xen Project software.

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A discussion list for the XCP and Xen API projects, developing a protocol, data-model, and language bindings for remote and local management of Xen-based systems. The list is both for developers and users.

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Developer Mailing Lists


A discussion list for the Xen Project Hypervisor developer community. Please do not use this list for technical support queries.

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A discussion list for the XAPI project, developing a protocol, data-model, and language bindings for remote and local management of Xen-based systems. The list is both for developers and users. 

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A discussion list for the Embedded and Automotive PV Drivers developer community. Important: For patches that need to go into hypervisor mainline please keep on using xen-devel@, for patches going into the Linux kernel please keep using the relevant kernel list, etc.

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A discussion list for the Mirage OS developer community. 

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A discussion list for the Windows PV Drivers developer community. 

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This is a receive-only list to which details of changesets to the Xen Hypervisor Git repositories are sent.

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Special Mailing Lists


This list is for maintainers of all Xen teams, and key developers that have been invited by maintainers. This list is intended to be used only when privacy implications or similar prevent usage of a public list. Example usage may be to let other community members know of absence (due to holidays, maternity/paternity leave, etc.) and to arrange cover. Another example may be to ask other team members for advice on how to respond to a difficult situation in the community. Any conversations that should have been started on a public list, will be forwarded to an appropriate public list. 

This list is invite only and is not archived. Community members can subscribe, but approval in line with Mailing List Conventions is required.

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This is a list to coordinate content for the Xen Project blog, articles in the open source and Linux press, other media, press activities, to coordinate attendance and submissions for open source and industry events and anything else to promote the Xen Project. The list is open for people in the community who care about promoting the Xen Project. The list is also archived.

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This e-mail alias is intended for reporting security vulnerabilities in Xen Project software (this also covers the situation where an existing published changeset is retrospectively found to be a security fix). List membership is restricted to members of the Xen Project Security Response Team and thus invite only and obviously there is no public archive. For more information on how the Xen Project handles security vulnerabilities, see the Xen Security Problem Response Process.

Report Security Issue


Organisations who want to become a member of the Xen Project predisclosure list to receive pre-disclosure of security advisories and who meet the criteria outlined in the Xen Security Problem Response Process should become members of this mailing list and submit their application through this mailing list as outlined in Xen Security Problem Response Process. The list is open to all community members who care about security and although pre-disclosure membership applications are evaluated based on strict criteria, all applications are open for review and comment by community members. The list is also archived.

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Lists related to Xen Project Governance


A discussion list for members of the Xen Project Advisory Board. The list is invite only. The Advisory Board publishes meeting minutes on the wiki.

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A discussion list for members of the Test Framework working group. The list is invite only, but archives are publicly available.

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A discussion list for members of the Xen Project technical Coordination Team. The list is invite only. Meeting minutes are published on the wiki.

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