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Project Members

When the Xen Project effort became part of the Linux Foundation (see press release), many of the organizations which signed up as Project Members and are thus members of the Xen Project Advisory Board, issued statements regarding the value of the project.  These statements can be found on the Linux Foundation site.

Intel (January 2015)

Intel’s Virtualization Architect Donald Dugger started working on Xen Project software eight years ago. We recently interviewed Don to find out why Intel continues to support, contribute and invest in the Xen Project. One of the first companies to contribute to hardware-assisted virtualization, today Intel remains equally focused on actively promoting open source virtualization. The company continually adds new virtualization features in its CPUs and is constantly evolving its virtualization support. Improved cache monitoring technology, which provides faster processing and better utilization to resolve the “noisy neighbor” dilemma when hosting large, resource-hungry data sets, is the latest contribution from the world’s largest chip company. Don spoke to eWeek about this new feature last week for the release of Xen Project Hypervisor version 4.5.

Featured Stories

Rackspace Cloud Servers (Aug 2012)

Chris Behrens from RackSpace explains how Rackspace Cloud Servers scales their service using the Xen Project software:

Xen Project @ Google (Nov 2011)

Google uses virtualization for internal corporate infrastructure. As part of this, Google have developed a number of tools, some open source, for managing deployment of our hypervisor. The presentation will describe the technical infrastructure used, the internal workflows and machine management processes, and the specific use-cases for virtualization.

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Amazon: The Art of Using Xen At Scale (Aug 2011)

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Time Machine (2008)