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The mission of the Xen Project is to advance virtualization technology across a wide range of commercial and open-source domains.

By providing a powerful and versatile hypervisor, the project aims to enable innovation, scalability, safety, and security in virtualization solutions.


Xen Project software is extremely versatile and customizable due to its unique architecture bringing the power of virtualization everywhere.


The No. 1 choice for the largest hyperscale clouds in the industry, including Amazon Web Service, Tencent, and Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Rackspace’s public cloud and IBM cloud.


The safest and most reliable hypervisor to use for security-first environments due to lean architecture, advanced security features, and an industry-leading security disclosure process.


Maturity, isolation, security features, real-time support, fault-tolerance, and a flexible architecture make the Xen Project hypervisor a perfect match for embedded and automotive systems.


The Xen Project focuses on revolutionizing virtualization by providing a versatile and powerful hypervisor that addresses the evolving needs of diverse industries. 

Empower Innovation: Tailored virtualization to drive progress across various domains.

Enhance Cloud Ecosystems: Elevate cloud capabilities with high-performing, reliable virtualization.

Secure Critical Systems: Safeguard data and applications through industry-leading security.

Revolutionize Embedded Technologies: Transform embedded and automotive sectors with mature, safe, secure solutions.

Latest Updates From Xen Project

Celebrating The Xen Project’s 20th Anniversary

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Xen Project Releases Version 4.18 with New Security, Performance, and Architecture Enhancements for AI/ML Applications 

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The Xen Project, an open source hypervisor hosted at the Linux Foundation, today announced the release of Xen Project Hypervisor 4.18 with architecture enhancements for High Performance Computing (HPC) and…

Cambridge University Talk

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Enhancing Xen Documentation: Insights from the Community

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