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Latest Xen Project Blog Posts

Google Summer of Code Project, TinyVMI: Porting LibVMI to Mini-OS

This blog post comes from Lele Ma, a Ph.D. student at William and Mary. He was recently a Google Summer of Code Intern working on the Honeynet Project.  Introduction This post introduces the project I worked on with Honeynet Project at Google Summer of Code this year. The project of TinyVMI is to port a […]

Get an Introduction to Working with the Xen Project Hypervisor and More at Open Source Summit #OSSummit

Open Source Summit is the premier event to get introduced to open source and to learn more about the trends that are surrounding this space. This year’s Open Source Summit will be held in Vancouver, BC from August 29 – 31. The event covers a wide range of topics from blockchain to security to virtualization […]

Killing Processes that Don’t Want to be Killed

This article originally appeared on lwn.net. Suppose you have a program running on your system that you don’t quite trust. Maybe it’s a program submitted by a student to an automated grading system. Or maybe it’s a QEMU device model running in a Xen control domain ("domain 0" or “dom0”), and you want to make sure […]

Latest Planet Blog Posts

Solution of the equation E(M)⊕E(N) => E(A)*¬E(M & N) ≡ 1 via the calculus of basic predicates by E.A.Mironchick

In general we follow guidelines of technique developed in http://kpolyakov.spb.ru/download/mea18bit.pdf Per link mentioned above (quoting Helen A. Mironchick) Let Et (x) be a predicate whose truth set is all x for which x & t ≠ 0. If t is a power of two, then such a predicate will be called basic. The basic predicate […]

Che bel piacere… Che bel piacere…

"[..] ho chiamato Lara, e le ho chiesto come le era sembrata quella pubblicita`. Lei ha risposto che non le piaceva perche` faceva sembrare che solo le donne fanno le pulizie" Continue reading →