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Latest Xen Project Blog Posts

A Recap of the Xen Project Developer and Design Summit: Community Health, Development Trends, Coding Changes and More

We were extremely thrilled to host our Xen Project Developer and Design Summit in Nanjing Jiangning, China this June. The event brought together our community and power users under one roof to collaborate and to learn more about the future of our project. It also gave us the opportunity to connect with a large group […]

Xen Project Hypervisor Power Management: Suspend-to-RAM on Arm Architectures

This is the second part of the Xen Project Hypervisor series on power management. The first article focused on how virtualization and power management are coalescing into an energy-aware hypervisor. In this post, the focus is on a project that was started to lay the foundation for full-scale power management for applications involving the Xen […]

Latest Planet Blog Posts

Solution of the equation E(M)⊕E(N) => E(A)*¬E(M & N) ≡ 1 via the calculus of basic predicates by E.A.Mironchick

In general we follow guidelines of technique developed in http://kpolyakov.spb.ru/download/mea18bit.pdf Per link mentioned above (quoting Helen A. Mironchick) Let Et (x) be a predicate whose truth set is all x for which x & t ≠ 0. If t is a power of two, then such a predicate will be called basic. The basic predicate […]

Che bel piacere… Che bel piacere…

"[..] ho chiamato Lara, e le ho chiesto come le era sembrata quella pubblicita`. Lei ha risposto che non le piaceva perche` faceva sembrare che solo le donne fanno le pulizie" Continue reading →