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Latest Xen Project Blog Posts

Improving the Stealthiness of Virtual Machine Introspection on Xen

This blog post comes from Stewart Sentanoe of the University of Passau. Stewart is a PhD student and he was recently a Google Summer of Code Intern working on the Honeynet Project.  Project Introduction Virtual Machine Introspection Virtual Machine Introspection (VMI) is the process of examining and monitoring a virtual machine from the hypervisor or virtual machine […]

Xen Project Announces Schedule for its Annual Developer and Design Summit

Today, we are excited to announce the program and speakers for the Xen Project Developer and Design Summit. The summit brings together developers, engineers, and Xen Project power users for in-person collaboration and educational presentations. The event will take place in Nanjing Jiangning, China from June 20 -22, 2018. This is the fifth annual Xen […]

Xen Project 4.10.1 Available

I am pleased to announce the release of 4.10.1. Xen Project Maintenance releases are released in line with our Maintenance Release Policy. We recommend that all users of the 4.10 stable series update to the latest point release. These releases are available from their git repositories xenbits.xen.org/gitweb/?p=xen.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/stable-4.10 (tag RELEASE-4.10.1) or from the XenProject download page […]

Latest Planet Blog Posts

Better, faster and stronger backups

After spending some times on improving backup code, we'll deliver it for 5.17 version (next Friday!). Changes are very important and lay the foundation of exciting new features. Let's see why it's a big leap ahead! Better 👑 "Better" here means more new features! We got a new

Upgrade to XenServer 7.4

XenServer 7.4 is now available. Let's see how to upgrade (or update!) it. Some free features are removed since 7.3. Please read this before upgrading. Xen Orchestra is 100% compatible with XenServer 7.4! From XenServer 7.3 If you are running XenServer 7.2, the process will