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The Xen Project Advisory Board is comprised of companies that are committed to the market and technical success of the Xen Project.

These responsibilities include:

  • Financial Oversight –  budget management and investment decisions on infrastructure and project operations.
  • Membership requirements – annual membership fees.
  • Steer the project –  to advance its market and technical success by raising awareness.
  • Global policy decisions – trademarks, compliance requirements, test cases, and infrastructure.

The Advisory Board is complementary to the role of committers and maintainers, with both working closely together to ensure the overall priorities of the project are aligned.

Committers and maintainers are responsible for the technical development and are the final decision makers on code contributions to the Xen Project.

Why Join?

Improve engineering ROI

The Xen Project is in the process of creating a new common test infrastructure.  New test cases for specific hardware and software combinations will lead to higher quality project releases.  In addition, a planned focus on a security and hardening framework will enhance the release readiness of the Xen Project.

The Advisory Board helps define test cases and prioritize release requirements, in cooperation with project maintainers, ultimately increasing engineering ROI from the impact of these decisions.

Xen Project Insight

Board members can propose and vote upon changes to the Xen Project test and validation infrastructure and financial resource allocation.

By being an active Advisory Board participant, regular opportunities for discussions with technical leaders include the chance to share priorities and endorse new strategies. In return, members will gain valuable strategic insight into project plans and future scope.

Increase visibility

Board members can influence the marketing strategy and participate in a wide range of activities including press releases, brand visibility on the website, and giveaways at events

Define policies

Members help define policies, including trademark usage, compliance and certification of Xen derivatives.  In addition, membership dues funds project infrastructure, such as hosting and test environments which are essential to the project.

The Board process will help ensure non-technical decisions are collectively determined. As such, the Advisory Board contributes a sustainable, self-directed source of funding for work that will help drive the marketplace and technical success of the Xen Project.

How to join

Please join The Linux Foundation as a member.

If you experience any issues, please contact