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The Xen Project Advisory Board is comprised of companies who are committed to the market and technical success of the Xen Project.  Member companies provide financial support, technical contributions, and set high-level policy decisions.

The Xen Project Advisory Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Financial Oversight, such as budget management and investment decisions on infrastructure and project operations.
  • Membership requirements, including annual membership fees.
  • Steer the project to advance its market and technical success by raising awareness and garnering broader industry support for Xen through individual and collaborative efforts.
  • Global policy decisions, including trademarks, compliance requirements, and test cases and infrastructure.

The Xen Project Advisory Board is complementary to the role of committers and maintainers within the Xen Project, with both working closely together to ensure the overall priorities of the project are aligned.  Committers and maintainers are responsible for technical development of the project, and are the final decision makers on code contributions to the Xen Project.

Improve your engineering ROI

The Xen Project is in the process of creating a new common test infrastructure.  New test cases for specific hardware and software combinations will lead to higher quality project releases.  In addition, a planned focus on a security and hardening framework will enhance the release readiness of the Xen Project.

The Xen Project Advisory Board will be responsible for defining test cases and prioritizing release requirements, in cooperation with Xen Project maintainers.  Members will see increased engineering ROI thanks to increased focus on the test cases the Xen Project Advisory Board members prioritize.

Insight and input into Xen Project planning

Xen Project Advisory Board members can propose and vote upon changes and additions to Xen Project test and validation infrastructure.  Members will also vote on requests to allocate financial resources to Xen Project Sub-Projects.

In addition, Xen Project Advisory Board members will gain valuable strategic insight into project plans and future scope.  By virtue of being an active Xen Project Advisory Board participant, members will have regular opportunities for discussions with technical leaders within the Xen Project.  Working in conjunction with technical leaders, they will have the opportunity to share technical and marketing priorities, and endorse new strategies for the project.

Xen Project Advisory Board members will gain valuable insight into the multi-year strategic direction of the project, and help protect the durability of their investments in Xen Project.

Increase your visibility

Xen Project Advisory Board members have the option to participate in press releases, include logos on banners, websites, and giveaways at Xen events, and influence the Xen Project marketing strategy.

Support the ongoing neutrality of the Xen Project

Xen Project Advisory Board membership dues fund non-technical project support.  Members are collectively reponsible for defining policies, including trademark usage and approvals, compliance and certification of Xen derivatives, and branding and style guidelines.  In addition, membership dues  fund project infrastructure, such as hosting and test environments.

The Xen Project Advisory Board process will help ensure non-technical decisions are collectively determined by members as a whole.  In this way, the Advisory Board contributes a sustainable, self-directed source of funding for work that will help drive the marketplace and technical success of the Xen Project.

Joining the Xen Project Advisory Board

To learn more about joining the Xen Project Advisory Board, organizations must sign the Xen Project Advisory Board Membership Application and join the Linux Foundation as a member.  To get started, contact community dot manager at xenproject dot org and someone will contact you within two days.