XPUS13: Xen Orchestra: XAPI and XenServer from the web

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Xen Orchestra is a web based management tool for the XAPI toolstack that is developed by the Xen Project. XAPI is a fully featured management API for Xen, that is also used by the recently open sourced enServer. We'll see how Xen Orchestra leverages XAPI by allowing a complete control of your virtualized infrastructure. First, we'll explain quickly the XO architecture (such as cache system, asynchronous events, user management with tokens…) Then, a review of current and future possibilities will be exposed, to show what you can expect from this solution: powerful visualizations with d3js, neat interface, orchestration features and integration with all XAPI's capable hosts (XenServer or any distro with XAPI packages, such as Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS). Finally, we'll talk about how to contribute.