Xen Project Roadmap

As is the case for Linux, the Xen Project hypervisor developer community does not maintain a committed roadmap as proprietary software vendors do. However, the community strives to accurately track development for new releases, with a predictable release cadence for major releases and maintenance releases.


How contributors operate

New features that intend to go into the next release are initially announced and discussed on the xen-devel mailing list. If you are planning to implement a feature it is good practice to follow this convention, as otherwise you are running risk that somebody else could have started implementing a feature, when you decide to do so.

How we create a roadmap

The community nominates a release manager for each release. During planning and development of a release, the release manager sends out regular requests to the developer list and asks developers whether they have items to be tracked on the roadmap, asks for status updates, etc. The release manager, will however never add a work-item to the roadmap without a developers consent. Besiders sending regular updates to the list, we mirror the information posted on the list on the wiki and publish regular updates on the blog.

For example, this post opens the pklanning cycle for Xen 4.7, with the accompanying wiki page. 

Release Cadence

The Xen Project developer communtiy aimed to release software at approximately 9 months release cadence prior to Xen 4.6. From Xen 4.7 we will reduce the release cycle length to 6 month, aiming to release a new version of Xen:

  • At the beginning of every June
  • At the beginning of every December 

Maintenance Releases

You can find more information on how the Xen Project community manages maintenance releases on the following wiki page.