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Satori: Enlightened Page Sharing

Authors (if Research)
Milos G, Murray DG, Hand S, Fetterman MA
Operating Regions
Operating Countries
2009 USENIX Annual Technical Conference. San Diego, CA; 2009:14 Abstract: We introduce Satori, an efficient and effective system for sharing memory in virtualised systems. Satori uses enlightenments in guest operating systems to detect sharing opportunities and manage the surplus memory that results from sharing. Our approach has three key benefits over existing systems: it is better able to detect short-lived sharing opportunities, it is efficient and incurs negligible overhead, and it maintains performance isolation between virtual machines. We present Satori in terms of hypervisor-agnostic design decisions, and also discuss our implementation for the Xen virtual machine monitor. In our evaluation, we show that Satori quickly exploits up to of the maximum possible sharing with insignificant performance overhead. Furthermore, we demonstrate workloads where the additional memory improves macrobenchmark performance by a factor of two.
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