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Xen Project 4.2.3

Xen Project 4.2.3 is a maintenance release in the 4.2 series and contains: We recommend that all users of Xen Project 4.2.2 upgrade to Xen Project 4.2.3.
This release fixes the following critical vulnerabilities:

CVE-2013-1918 / XSA-45: Several long latency operations are not preemptible
CVE-2013-1952 / XSA-49: VT-d interrupt remapping source validation flaw for bridges
CVE-2013-2076 / XSA-52: Information leak on XSAVE/XRSTOR capable AMD CPUs
CVE-2013-2077 / XSA-53: Hypervisor crash due to missing exception recovery on XRSTOR
CVE-2013-2078 / XSA-54: Hypervisor crash due to missing exception recovery on XSETBV
CVE-2013-2194, CVE-2013-2195, CVE-2013-2196 / XSA-55: Multiple vulnerabilities in libelf PV kernel handling
CVE-2013-2072 / XSA-56: Buffer overflow in xencontrol Python bindings affecting xend
CVE-2013-2211 / XSA-57: libxl allows guest write access to sensitive console related xenstore keys
CVE-2013-1432 / XSA-58: Page reference counting error due to XSA-45/CVE-2013-1918 fixes XSA-61: libxl partially sets up HVM passthrough even with disabled iommu
CVE-2013-2007 / XSA-51: qemu guest agent (qga) insecure file permissions

This release contains many bug fixes and improvements. The highlights are:

addressing a regression from the fix for XSA-46
bug fixes to low level system state handling, including certain hardware errata workarounds

You can also get this release from the git repository: git:// (tag RELEASE-4.2.3)
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