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Xen Project 4.7.2

We are pleased to announce the release of Xen 4.7.2. This is available immediately from its git repository;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/stable-4.7 (tag RELEASE-4.7.2) or from this download page
This release contains the following bug-fixes and improvements in the Xen Project hypervisor:

  • 3905d1e: update Xen version to 4.7.2 [Jan Beulich]
  • 8550b69: xen: fix a (latent) cpupool-related race during domain destroy [Dario Faggioli]
  • 500efc8: QEMU_TAG update [Ian Jackson]
  • 8a9dfe3: VMX: fix VMCS race on context-switch paths [Jan Beulich]
  • 19d4e55: xen/p2m: Fix p2m_flush_table for non-nested cases [George Dunlap]
  • ad19a51: x86/ept: allow write-combining on !mfn_valid() MMIO mappings again [David Woodhouse]
  • 19addfa: xen: credit2: never consider CPUs outside of our cpupool. [Dario Faggioli]
  • d9dec41: x86/VT-x: Dump VMCS on VMLAUNCH/VMRESUME failure [Andrew Cooper]
  • 7583782: IOMMU: always call teardown callback [Oleksandr Tyshchenko]
  • d31a0a2: x86/emulate: don’t assume that addr_size == 32 implies protected mode [George Dunlap]

  • 5bc9c62: xen: credit2: fix shutdown/suspend when playing with cpupools. [Dario Faggioli]

  • 1f2fe76: xen: credit2: use the correct scratch cpumask. [Dario Faggioli]

  • 386acdb: x86/hvm: do not set msr_tsc_adjust on hvm_set_guest_tsc_fixed [Joao Martins]

  • 5cadc66: x86: segment attribute handling adjustments [Jan Beulich]

  • 67d0d5e: x86emul: LOCK check adjustments [Jan Beulich]

  • ae3fa02: x86emul: VEX.B is ignored in compatibility mode [Jan Beulich]

  • 88ca94a: x86/xstate: Fix array overrun on hardware with LWP [Andrew Cooper]

  • dc309dd: tools/libxl: libxl_set_memory_target: Fix compile error in backport [Ian Jackson]

  • 013ee59: libxl: fix libxl_set_memory_target [Wei Liu]

  • 5f65c8d: init/FreeBSD: fix incorrect usage of $rc_pids in xendriverdomain [Roger Pau Monne]

  • d2fd4ab: init/FreeBSD: add rc control variables [Roger Pau Monne]

  • 71d99ec: init/FreeBSD: fix xencommons so it can only be launched by Dom0 [Roger Pau Monne]

  • 5cb968a: init/FreeBSD: remove xendriverdomain_precmd [Roger Pau Monne]

  • 8f4b369: init/FreeBSD: set correct PATH for xl devd [Roger Pau Monne]

  • 5da121c: xen/arm: gic-v3: Make sure read from ICC_IAR1_EL1 is visible on the redistributor [Julien Grall]

  • 24dc627: x86/emul: Correct the return value handling of VMFUNC [Andrew Cooper]

  • 6d0af98: x86emul: CMPXCHG16B requires an aligned operand [Jan Beulich]

  • 93daaf9: VT-d: correct dma_msi_set_affinity() [Jan Beulich]

  • 7829149: x86emul: MOVNTI does not allow REP prefixes [Jan Beulich]

  • f4dc0d2: x86/VPMU: clear the overflow status of which counter happened to overflow [Luwei Kang]

  • ff555d5: x86emul: correct PUSHF/POPF [Jan Beulich]

  • fd869a6: libelf: section index 0 is special [Jan Beulich]

  • dca0501: x86emul: CMOVcc always writes its destination [Jan Beulich]

  • 7524025: x86/emul: Don’t deliver #UD with an error code [Andrew Cooper]

  • 6d55b3a: x86/SVM: don’t deliver #GP without error code [Jan Beulich]

  • 149eb6b: x86/EFI: meet further spec requirements for runtime calls [Jan Beulich]

  • ba5bfeb: x86/svm: Fix svm_nextrip_insn_length() when crossing the virtual boundary to 0 [Andrew Cooper]

  • a94f6d5: x86/traps: Don’t call hvm_hypervisor_cpuid_leaf() for PV guests [Andrew Cooper]

  • d651253: x86/vmx: Correct the long mode check in vmx_cpuid_intercept() [Andrew Cooper]

  • 792dda0: x86/svm: Don’t clobber eax and edx if an RDMSR intercept fails [Andrew Cooper]

  • dd65186: x86emul: {L,S}{G,I}DT ignore operand size overrides in 64-bit mode [Jan Beulich]

  • 0ad7781: x86/emul: Reject LGDT/LIDT attempts with non-canonical base addresses [Andrew Cooper]

  • 6ddc1f3: x86/emul: Correct the decoding of SReg3 operands [Andrew Cooper]

  • 9f3c555: x86/HVM: add missing NULL check before using VMFUNC hook [Jan Beulich]

  • c2a7cc9: x86: force EFLAGS.IF on when exiting to PV guests [Jan Beulich]

  • c5feb91: x86/emul: Correct the handling of eflags with SYSCALL [Andrew Cooper]

  • 7a71cea: pvgrub: fix crash when booting kernel with p2m list outside kernel mapping [Juergen Gross]

  • e0ea04d: x86emul: CMPXCHG8B ignores operand size prefix [Jan Beulich]

  • 4be57d3: QEMU_TAG update [Ian Jackson]

  • e144f21: QEMU_TAG update [Ian Jackson]

  • 0726cb5: arm32: handle async aborts delivered while at HYP [Wei Chen]

  • 32282af: arm: crash the guest when it traps on external abort [Wei Chen]

  • cf21f0c: arm64: handle async aborts delivered while at EL2 [Wei Chen]

  • a2d232d: arm64: handle guest-generated EL1 asynchronous abort [Wei Chen]

  • 206fc70: pygrub: Properly quote results, when returning them to the caller: [Ian Jackson]

  • a6b0650: x86/svm: fix injection of software interrupts [Andrew Cooper]

  • 98eaf9c: x86/emul: correct the IDT entry calculation in inject_swint() [Andrew Cooper]

  • 1b65a34: x86emul: fix huge bit offset handling [Jan Beulich]

  • 8ce2238: libelf: fix stack memory leak when loading 32 bit symbol tables [Roger Pau Monné]

  • 2cd9fa0: x86/PV: writes of %fs and %gs base MSRs require canonical addresses [Jan Beulich]

  • 42bc34b: x86/HVM: don’t load LDTR with VM86 mode attrs during task switch [Jan Beulich]

  • e98e17e: x86/hvm: Fix the handling of non-present segments [Andrew Cooper]

  • 0561a33: update Xen version to 4.7.2-pre [Jan Beulich]

In addition, this release also contains the following fixes to qemu-traditional:

  • 0d5d265: cirrus: add blit_is_unsafe call to cirrus_bitblt_cputovideo [Gerd Hoffmann]
  • a20cf3a: cirrus: fix oob access issue (CVE-2017-2615) [Li Qiang]

  • 18858e2: qemu: ioport_read, ioport_write: be defensive about 32-bit addresses [Ian Jackson]

  • 02a1797: xen: fix ioreq handling [Jan Beulich]

This release also contains changes to qemu-upstream, whose changelogs we do not list here as it contains many changes that are not directly releated to the Xen Project Hypervisor and thus this release. However, you can check;a=shortlog (between tags qemu-xen-4.7.1 and qemu-xen-4.7.2).
This release, which includes source code for qemu-traditional and qemu-upstream, contains the following security fixes.

XSA-205N/A (Unused XSA number) ......
XSA-206N/A (Reserved XSA number) ......
See for details related to Xen Project security advisories.
We recommend all users of the 4.7 stable series to update to this latest point release.