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This document has come in effect in May 2013 and will be reviewed periodically (see revision sections).

List Naming Conventions

In the past the Xen Project has named mailing list in an ad-hoc fashion, which has sometimes caused confusion amongst it’s user base. This document intends to create clarity when new lists need to created.

Project and team lists

The Xen Project encompasses several sub-projects, which we also refer to as teams. Each team – depending on its size – can have on or several mailing lists. The general convention for lists specific to a team is to the following pattern:

 Team Prefix  –   List Descriptor 

Team prefix and list descriptor are encoded in lower case.

Team Prefixes

Examples of prefixes that are in use now:

Mirage OS team
XAPI team
Hypervisor team

List Descriptors

Examples of list descriptors are:

This is a general list for users and developers
This is a development list only
This is a user list only
This is list to publish Git changelogs

General Purpose Lists

Mailing lists, whose scope is not restricted to a team or sub-project but encompass the entirety of the Xen Project, adhere to the following pattern:

 List Descriptor  @

Again list descriptor are encoded in lower case.

List Descriptors

Examples of list descriptors are:

This is the discussion list for the Xen Project Advisory Board
This is a low volume announce list for the Xen Project
This is a list to coordinate content for the Xen Project blog and other media, for press, for event presence, etc.
This is a list to report security vulnerability in Xen Project software

List Transparency

Xen Project community members conduct email discussions on public mailing lists whenever possible and allow the general public (including search engine indexes) to be privy to the discussion. Further, all Xen project mailing lists are generally open to all community members to join as well as to post. Also, mailing list archives are generally accessible to all.


There are however a few exceptions:

Subscribe only lists
A number of lists, such as the ANNOUNCE and CHANGELOG lists are subscribe only lists
Invite only lists
A number of lists, such as the ADVISORY BOARD and SECURITY list, are invite only lists. These lists are for teams within the community that are by appointment only.
Private lists
In some cases confidentiality expectations and requirements prevent list traffic from being published. Examples are lists related to security vulnerabilities.

Special Mailing Lists

This list is for maintainers of all Xen teams, and key developers that have been invited by maintainers. This list is intended to be used only when privacy implications or similar prevent usage of a public list. Example usage may be to let other community members know of absence (due to holidays, maternity/paternity leave, etc.) and to arrange cover. Another example may be to ask other team members for advice on how to respond to a difficult situation in the community. This list is invite only and is not archived.

Change History

  • v1.0 May 2013: Intial document approved