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We have now moved the following channels to Matrix only: XenProject, XenDevel and XenSocial.


The Xen Project community maintains a number of Matrix channels.

We tend to coordinate tasks, ask quick questions, and discuss issues/proposals informally here.



For general queries and updates about the software. This channel is mainly for users and community members.
For developer-specific questions use XenDevel instead.


For developers – if you have submitted patches to the developer mailing lists or are otherwise active on them, this channel is for you.
It’s also the best place to ask development-related questions to the Xen Project.


For community introductions, tech news, and your watercooler chats.

Other Channels

For general queries and updates about XCP-ng, hosted on Discord.
For developer specific questions and those who want to contribute, this channel is for you. Hosted on XCP-ng forum.
For Mirage OS – Join on


Netiquette encourages individuals to be considerate, kind, and mindful of the impact their words and actions can have on others in the online community.

It encompasses aspects like using proper language, avoiding offensive content, respecting privacy, and engaging in constructive discussions while maintaining a positive online environment for everyone.

If you are new and also post on the mailing list, we highly recommend you introduce yourself to the community!