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XPDS13 VIDEO: Xen in OSS based In--Vehicle Infotainment Systems, Artem Mygaiev, GlobalLogic

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Xen role, details of implementation and problems in a sample solution based on OSS (Android, Linux and Xen) that addresses Automotive requirements such as ultra-fast RVC boot time, quick IVI system boot time, cloud connectivity and multimedia capabilities, reliability and security through hardware virtualization. Secure CAN/LIN/MOST bus integration handled by Linux on Dom0 while Android runs customizable QML-based HMI in a sandbox of DomU. These case studies will include but not be limited to: computing power requirements, memory requirements, virtualization, stability, boot-time sequence and optimization, video clips showing results of the work done. Case study is built on TexasInstruments OMAP5 SoC. The full HD demo is available here