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Having Trouble Adding XenServer to XenCenter

posted in New Users
Monday, January 09 2017, 03:13 AM
Hello all! I am a new user of XenServer and XenCenter and I have looked in so many places trying to figure out my problem. Any help is appreciated!

On my Windows machine, I have installed XenCenter and the XenServer 7 ISO file from the main website.

On this same Windows Machine, I have set up a XenServer through VMWare with the ISO file. In my XenServer (which is on my VMWare on Windows), it provides me an IP 192.168.xx.xxx.
In XenCenter, when I try to add my XenServer with this IP address, it gives me an error stating 'Unable to connect to server, the connection was refused. Check that xenserver is configured correctly on '192.168.xx.xxx'

Tried solutions:
In VMWare in Xenserver, I have tried using the local command shell and using ping 192.168.xx.xxx which seems to work. But in my Windows powershell, pinging the same XenServer IP address is unsuccessful.

In the Xenserver's local command shell, I've also tried
-service xapi status: it shows that it is active (running)
-service xapi restart: successful since it returns [ OK ]
-killall xapi && xe-toolstack-restartservice: also successful as all services returns [ OK ]

If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this error, it would be greatly appreciated!
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