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XenServer High-Availability Alternative HA-Lizard

WHY HA AND WHAT IT DOES XenServer (XS) contains a native high-availability (HA) option which allows quite a bit of flexibility in determining the state of a pool of hosts and under what circumstances Virtual Machines (VMs) are to be restarted on alternative hosts in the event of the loss of the ability of a host to be able to serve VMs. HA is a very useful feature that protects VMs from staying failed in the event of a server crash or other incident that makes VMs inaccessible. Allowing a XS pool to help itself maintain the functionality of VMs is...

Irmin 0.12 with portable filesystem watching released

Development of the Irmin Git-like data store continues (see here for an introduction). We are releasing Irmin 0.12.0 which brings support for native file-system watchers to greatly improve the performance of watches on the datastore. Previously, an Irmin application that wanted to use watches would setup file-system scanning/polling by doing: let () = Irmin_unix.install_dir_polling_listener 1.0 which would scan the .git/refs directory every second. This worked in practice but was unpredictably latent (if unlucky you might wait for a full second for the watch callbacks to trigger), and disk/CPU intensive as we were scanning the full storage directory every second to detect...

PCI Pass-Through on XenServer 7.0

Plenty of people have asked me over the years how to pass-through generic PCI devices to virtual machines running on XenServer. Whilst it isn't officially supported by Citrix, it's none the less perfectly possible to do; just note that your mileage may vary, because clearly it's not rigorously tested with all the possible different types of device people might want to pass-through (from TV cards, to storage controllers, to USB hubs...!). The process on XenServer 7.0 differs somewhat from previous releases, in that the Dom0 control domain is now CentOS 7.0-based, and UEFI boot (in addition to BIOS boot) is supported....

qcontrol 0.5.5

(Note: it appears I forgot to commit/push this when 0.5.5 actually happened, nearly 20 months ago, so this posting is somewhat tardy, apologies) Update list of supported devices (Martin Michlmayr, via Debian bug #788911). Update examples to handle varying gpio-keys node name. Improvements to option parsing and help messages (Arnaud, see also Debian bug #804767). Get it from git or The Debian package will be uploaded shortly.

TripleO QuickStart KSM vs instack-virt-setup deploying RDO Newton HA Overcloud

================= UPDATE 10/17/2016 ================= I initiated KSM&&KSMTUNED on CentOS 7.2 VIRTHOST running instack-virt-setup 2 days ago along with instack-virt-setup HA overcloud deployment. Stack’s virthost’s .bashrc [stack@Server72Centos ~]$ cat .bashrc # .bashrc # Source global definitions if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then     . /etc/bashrc fi # Uncomment the following line if you don’t like systemctl’s […]

TripleO deployment of ‘master’ branch via instack-virt-setup on VIRTHOST (2)

UPDATE 09/29/2016 $ sudo route add -net gw ( on instack VM ) no longer needed , moreover affects ssh connect to overcloud nodes END UPDATE Upstream gets close to Newton Release , bugs scheduled for RC2 went away. Following bellow is a clean and smoothly running procedure of Overcloud deployment TripleO Master […]

TripleO deployment of ‘master’ branch via instack-virt-setup

UPDATE 09/23/2016 Fix released for (1622683, 1622720 ) in :-  **************************************************** Deploy completed OK the first time **************************************************** 2016-09-23 09:08:28Z [overcloud-AllNodesDeploySteps-yrsd7pkitjij]: CREATE_COMPLETE  Stack CREATE completed successfully 2016-09-23 09:08:28Z [AllNodesDeploySteps]: CREATE_COMPLETE  state changed 2016-09-23 09:08:28Z [overcloud]: CREATE_COMPLETE  Stack CREATE completed successfully Stack overcloud CREATE_COMPLETE Overcloud Endpoint: Overcloud Deployed [stack@instack ~]$ nova list +--------------------------------------+-------------------------+--------+------------+-------------+---------------------+ | […]

Access to TripleO QuickStart overcloud via sshuttle running on F24 WorkStation

Sshutle may be installed on Fedora 24 via straight forward `dnf -y install sshutle`. [Fedora 24 Update: sshuttle-0.78.0-2.fc24]. So, when F24 has been set up as WKS for TripleO QuickStart deployment to VIRTHOST , there is no need to install add-on FoxyProxy and tune it on firefox as well as connect from ansible wks […]

Concerns with Xen PVH / HVMLite boot on Linux x86

I've been helping a bit with streamlining proper upstream support for Xen on x86 Linux. One of the items I have decided to take on is the so called "dead code" concern in theory present on x86 Linux Xen guests largely in part due to the radical way in which old PV Xen x86 Linux guests boot. This topic is a bit complex, so I had previously written two posts about this to help shed some light into these dark corners of the technical Linux universe that only a few really care about:Avoiding dead code: pv_ops is not the silver...

MirageOS Summer 2016 hack retreat roundup

Our first Cambridge-based MirageOS hack retreat took place yesterday - and what a fantastic day it was! The torrential rain may have halted our punting plans, but it didn't stop progress in the Old Library! Darwin College was a fantastic venue, complete with private islands linked by picturesque wooden bridges and an unwavering wifi connection. People naturally formed groups to work on similar projects, and we had a handful of brand new users keen to get started with OCaml and Mirage. The major tasks that emerged were: new hypervisor target: the integration of the Solo5 KVM-based hypervisor backend, bringing the number...