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Improving Scalability of Xen: The 3,000 Domains Experiment

Category : Xen Videos
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Machines are getting powerful these days and more and more VMs will run on a single machine. This work started off with a simple goal - to run 3,000 domains on a single host and address any scalability issues come across. I will start with Xen internal then state the problems and solutions. Several improvements are made, from hypervisor, Linux kernel to user space components like console backend and xenstore backend. The main improvement for hypervisor and Dom0 Linux kernel is the new event channel infrastructure, which enable Dom0 to handle much more events simultaneously - the original implementation only allows 1024 and 4096 respectively. The targeting audiences are cloud developers, kernel developers and those who are interested in Xen scalability and internals. They need to have general knowledge of Linux, knowledge of Xen is not required but nice to have