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Xen Hosting Solutions – Server Axis

By February 29, 2008March 7th, 2019Events, Releases

When I started the Xen Blog site, I reached out to several Xen hosting companies and ended up using Slicehost. I wanted to acknowledge one of the other companies that responded to my request but was not selected. Note, the selection of Slicehost was not a decision made on technology so I strongly recommend both companies as great Xen hosting solutions.  

Server Axis virtual servers offer a complete replacement for low to mid range

dedicated servers using paravirtualization technologies. Features

include a web-based control interface for immediate server reboots and OS

reinstallation. Our virtual dedicated servers (VDS) are hosted on machines

built with quality high performance components such as multi-core AMD Opteron

processors, Tyan mainboards, Corsair memory, 3ware raid controllers, and

Western Digital hard drives. Solutions available for servers requiring up to

4GB of dedicated memory and 400GB of disk space with your choice of Linux



Server Axis Virtual Servers –