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History of Xen – Architecture – Part 4

By March 21, 2008March 4th, 2019Announcements, Releases, Technical

The final installment of the History of Xen – Architecture involves the ultimate question, where does the name “Xen” come from? It is clear that Xen comes from the XenoServer project at Cambridge which is the research that the Xen hypervisor emerged from. The name “Xeno” for the XenoServer project is specifically mentioned in the Controlling the XenoServer Open Platform (Nov 2002) as footnote1:
The name derives from the Greek word “”o&” (xenos), which means
foreign or unknown, much like the tasks that XenoServers accept and safely

So, the name Xen comes from XenoServer with a Greek origin; but who was the first person to claim the name “Xen”?  If anyone knows or wants to make the claim, here is your chance.