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By April 1, 2008March 4th, 2019Announcements, Releases Community:
The newly created Trademark Policy is now available for review from the Xen Advisory Board. This new policy defines the rules of how the Xen trademark can be leveraged by members of the community as well as commercial offerings. It is available for community review from today, April 1 until April 16, 2008 at which time all comments will be taken into account and the final Trademark Policy published. Please direct all comments to this blog posting or send to
FIT Comment – The document refers to the FIT or “Faithful Implementation Test.” This is not yet complete within the Xen Advisory Board but we are actively taking feedback on what would be considered “Xen” as many people take different parts of the hypervisor and use it for their benefit, thus making it difficult to state exactly what “Xen” is.
Format: Microsoft Word – Xen Trademark Policy
Format: Open Office – Xen Trademark Policy