Xen.org Website Update Project

By April 10, 2008March 4th, 2019Announcements, Releases

The current Xen.org website has done a nice job of allowing people in the community access to the source code, released builds, documentation, mailing lists, etc; however, I believe that Xen.org can be transformed into a vital information repository for the Xen community leveraging the latest in web technology (like that marketing speak?). To accomplish this transformation, I am starting a new project to redo the existing website. All phases of this project will be open to the community for feedback and input; after all, Xen.org is a global community of technical experts with an amazing collective knowledge-base for me to tap into.
The intial phase of this project is to define the various “groups” of users who visit Xen.org to understand their wants and needs. I have taken a first pass at this and am publishing a Xen.org Website Requirements document in this blog. Please feel free to send email direct to me at stephen.spector@xen.org or add comments below. The more input the community gives, the better the final result.
I expect to start web development design and changes in Q3 so I plan to spend the rest of this quarter doing the necessary groundwork to ensure that the community gets the best solution possible.
Word 97 – Xen.org Web Proposal
Open Office 2.3 – Xen.org Web Proposal
PDF -  xen-web-requirements.pdf