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Xen API Community Project – Missing APIs

By July 17, 2008March 7th, 2019Announcements

To Xen API Project Members:
I started looking at the Xen API code to see which API functions are not completed, as we discussed in our last meeting. I believe the correct file to search is at \tools\python\xen\xend and I looked at I found this piece of code:
def xen_api_todo():
“””Temporary method to make sure we track down all the TODOs”””
return {“Status”: “Error”, “ErrorDescription”: XEND_ERROR_TODO}
This tells me, if I am reading Python correctly, that anywhere we find this call, we will have an open API to work on. I have posted on the Wiki at a list of functions that need completion.  Hopefully I got this correct as I have never written code in Python and it has been some time since I wrote software.
I did not look at the full API document yet to see if any of those routines are missing in the file but that work is next…