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Xen API Project Update

By August 11, 2008March 4th, 2019Releases

To Xen API folks:
I see that Josh West has added some feature requests to the Wiki (see list below). Also, I have posted some API functions that appear to be not written yet. I have not gotten any feedback so I guess I have a good list. So next steps? Do we need a meeting to discus our actions or can people just add comments to this blog posting? Let me know.

  • Storage Repository custom (and pluggable) driver support:
    • Would be extremely beneficial to be able to plugin custom storage repositories on dom0’s, to abstract handling of VDI creation/removal but still make it possible to manage within Xen.
  • Functionality within Storage Repository drivers to check/confirm a VDI’s device/path exists on the Host.
  • Metrics for VDI’s:
    • I/O Kbps (can be gathered via iostat command, part of sysstat package).

    • As VDI’s are custom to the Storage Repository driver used, it may be wise to have the VDI metric gathering routine native to the Storage Repo driver, so all storage methods can have VDI metrics (all gathered by different means).
  • Additional metrics for VM’s:
    • Memory usage within the VM (need to make hypercalls like xentop?)
  • Support for custom PIF devices, so they’re recognized via the API — right now only interfaces named peth0 are accepted.
  • Clarification on the “Task” class within the API; no documentation or examples of its usage or functionality beyond API reference.
  • Event notification upon VM migration. Event handler in API doesn’t even state the VM’s POWER_STATE has changed, nevermind that it was migrated.