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Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Only $50 – Will you be there?

By October 10, 2008March 4th, 2019Announcements

Xen Community:
Did you know that Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) sponsored and hosted by Fujitsu is only $50 to attend? At that price, we should easily have a record crowd; unless you are also including airfare to Tokyo which might make it a tad more expensive :).  So, to help everyone out, I am going to list some airfares to Tokyo so you can get an idea that coming to this event is really not as expensive as you think – unless you are a college student in which case everything is expensive:
(November 18, 2008 – November 22, 2008 – does not include tax in price)
New York to Tokyo – American Airlines $623; Japan Airlines $745; United Airlines $755
London to Tokyo – Air France $437; Virgin Atlantic $622; Japan Airlines $587
San Francisco to Tokyo – Air Canada $603; Air China $620; Japan Airlines $655
Boston to Tokyo – Japan Airlines $705; American Airlines $719; All Nipon $745
Frankfurt, Germany to Tokyo – British Airways $291; Air France $507; Aeroflat $676
My hope is that many of you who are thinking of coming to Tokyo will see that the cost is not as high as you probably assumed.