Xen.org and SourceForge.net

By November 7, 2008 March 7th, 2019 Announcements, Releases

Yesterday I met with SourceForge.net to discuss how Xen.org can better leverage their site and community. One interesting idea which I thought worthy of community feedback was the centralization of all projects associated with Xen into a single “portal” with a shared Wiki, message board, etc. This concept would allow people interested in Xen to learn about ALL the Xen inititiaves in development and ensure that multiple groups could work together on similar ideas instead of working separately without knowledge of each other.
What are your thoughts? I know that many projects currently underway are hosted on a variety of sites (e.g. Google) and I have created a Xen.org Projects page to better promote them.  However, doing a quick search on Xen of the SourceForge.net site turned up 63 projects; I do realize that not all of them are related to Xen but there were some projects that I was unfamilar with.
I look forward to your thoughts on this idea…