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Xen Champions – New Community Project

By March 10, 2009March 4th, 2019Announcements, Releases

Become a Xen Champion:

The community and website is currently focused on serving the needs of two distinct groups: developers of the Xen hypervisor and individual users looking for technical support. These two groups of community members are obviously critical to the success of the Xen hypervisor, but there is also a new group of community members that need to be addressed, Xen Champions.

Xen Champions are actively promoting the Xen hypervisor solution at conferences, seminars, industry gatherings, or anyplace that IT people congregate to discuss trends and solutions for common problems. These global members are the marketing and sales force for the Xen hypervisor community and need a place to exchange ideas, presentations, best practices, and meet. Some great examples of Xen Champions that you may know are Marco Sinhoreli who established an active Xen User Group in Brazil, Boris Quiroz who is busy presenting the Xen solution at various conferences in South America, and Josh West who is championing the Brandeis University Xen implementation and is spreading the word to other regional universities.

To support these Xen community members, is launching Xen Champions, the global gathering place for Xen Champions. The new site is not a replacement or alternative for the existing site, but rather a new site for people looking to form a new Xen User Group, present Xen at a conference, learn how to “sell” Xen, etc.

Xen Champions is an invitation only site so please contact me at if you wish to join.

Looking forward to the coming storm of Xen Champions…

Stephen Spector
Community Manager,