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Xen Solution/Consultant Search Tool

By March 12, 2009March 7th, 2019Announcements

Xen Community:
After much development and background work, I am now ready to launch a new Xen Solution Search Tool. This tool will allow anyone that has built a product with or for Xen to include it into a nice system that customers can use to easily find solutions. The tool will also support hosting companies and consultants that offer Xen services.
If you have a solution, hosting company, etc that you would like to add please go to and register your information. This service supports images, logos, documents, email, etc for product/service promotion and lead gathering. I expect many of the companies or solutions listed in the wiki at,, and will find this a better way to promote themselves.
I will let this site fill up with new data for the next 2 weeks before launching to the general public by adding the link to the site. Also, I approve all uploads of data so please allow some time for me to approve your content.
Finally, special thanks to Cyberneticos for hosting this service for the Xen Community. If you are looking for a hosting provider in Spain, I recommend them. More information at