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Launch DomU from Images

By March 23, 2009March 4th, 2019Announcements

In the third posting on my explorations with Xen 3.3.1, I am going to highlight the steps I followed and problems I had when launching several pre-built DomU images from
1) I downloaded three DomU images from – Debian, Fedora, & Slackware . NOTE: Make sure you go to and not I got the same website but only was able to download from the non-www site
2) I modified the configuration files as in my previous posting ( and  also added the extra=’xencons=tty’ line.
3) Standard steps to start Xen and run the DomU –
sudo xend start
sudo xm list (ensure Dom0 running)
sudo xm create -c fedora9
sudo xm list (ensure DomU running)
4) To get to the fedora9 DomU – type sudo xm console 2 ; to switch back Control + ] ; NOTE – these commands should be done in the same terminal that the xm create command was entered in
Finally, the images are all text based so don’t expect to see a new window launch with an X-Windows Interface. This was something I expected and cost me a few days to figure out.
Stay tuned, in my next post I plan to take a full graphical Linux OS and turn it into a DomU.