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Hosted Xen Project (HXen) Available

By April 1, 2009March 7th, 2019Announcements

The initial public release of the Hosted Xen project (HXen) is now available. HXen lets you run the Xen core as a Type-2 VMM, on top of a regular operating system. This release supports 32-bit Windows XP, Vista and Win7 as the host operating system. This release uses a snapshot of the Xen core used in Citrix’s XenServer product. Future releases will be based on open source xen-3.4 and xen-unstable. This release is in the form of a snapshot of the latest working sources (kxen-preview-090323-src.tar.bz2) and an archive of binaries built from those sources (
Xen is the leading open source Type-1 VMM, providing a fast, robust and secure virtualization platform. HXen leverages the Xen technology, extending the range of environments in which the same core engine can be used to existing desktops, laptops and allowing scenarios like run from usb stick.
Work is underway to support MacOSX as the host, as well as 64-bit versions of Windows. The windows 32-bit host code is designed such that it is easy to port to other host operating systems.
Please note that there are known issues with this preview which can result in a host lockup or crash!
Discussion from Xen-Devel Mailing List: