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Running HXEN with Linux Guests

By April 28, 2009March 4th, 2019Announcements

Continuing my testing of the new HXEN project…
The current version of HXEN is focused on bringing up Windows guests (Vista & Windows 7); however, I wanted to see what happens if I bring up Linux guests. If anyone is also running Linux guests, I would like to get your feedback based on what I am seeing.
Host Machine – Windows XP Tablet, Dual-Processor with VT-d
Linux – Ubuntu 9.04
I am able to enter all the data required for installation; however the system freezes at the same place after multiple installation attempts – installing system window at 15% with detecting file systems on bottom of window.
Linux – Centos 4.3
I am able to completely install the Centos 4.3 and launch for user login; however, when the system is ready to display my login screen the windows goes black and nothing happens. NOTE – In order to launch the OS after installation change the .BAT file boot argument  from dc to cd.