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Xen Community Forum – Message Board System

By May 1, 2009March 4th, 2019Announcements, Releases

Xen Community:
The community is currently very active in the use of mailing lists for communication amongst developers, users, testers, etc. I have created a searchable repository of all emails sent via the MarkMail system at for everyone to leverage when looking for specific information.
However, I often get emails from people that are interested in having an online Forum system available for posting questions, discussions, etc. As I don’t want to create a second communication system, I have been searching for the right tool that will allow a form and mailing list system to feed each other ensuring that all community members can obtain the same data regardless of desired interface.
Based on my research, I believe that we can use the following tools to make this happen:

  • phpBB 2.0x – open source forum system
  • mail2forum  – Connects Mailman Mailing Lists with phpBB Forums for synchronization

I am looking for feedback from the community on these two tools – have you used them? will they work as advertised? are there other solutions to consider? Any and all feedback is appreciated.
Finally, once we decide to use these tools (or another solution) I would like to see if we can’t get a Xen hosting provider to host this service for the community. I will ensure that the company gets marketing on the Forum Pages and announced in this blog; just like I do with the blog site, Solution Search Tool, and (coming soon) event management site.