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XEN ARM Source Released

By May 6, 2009March 7th, 2019Announcements

From xen-devel mailing list and Sang-bum from Samsung (
I am happy to announce that I have updated source codes for the XenARM project. Sorry for the delay, behind the release plan that I presented at Xen Summit Japan November 2008. Please have a look at newly added and updated sources at
-Updated source code:
Xen on ARM VMM and mini OS.
– Newly released source code of:
Xen Tools, Xen Console, Para-virtualized Linux using Kernel version 2.6.21, Linux Native Device Drivers for Network, MTD, Serial, Video, and I2C, and Split Device Driver for keypad.
– FYI, the Xen on ARM supports the following H/W and Emulator environments using ARM9 CPU currently:
Freescale i.MX21 Smartphone Hardware, and ARM Versatile Platform Board Emulator using QEMU v 0.9.1 and uboot v 1.3.4 from Minsung Jang at Georgia Tech.