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ConVirt 1.1 Released

By June 25, 2009March 4th, 2019Announcements

From the ConVirt team…
Some of the highlights of this release are:
Virtual Network Management
Support for creating isolated and NAT-based networks on managed hosts. Each virtual network can have a pre-defined IP range, with automatic DHCP provisioning of IP’s for all attached VM’s.
Automation using CLI
This release of ConVirt includes a preview version of CLI. Most common operations available via ConVirt GUI can now be done using a command line. This enables users to automate their management tasks across the whole virtualized deployment.
Ability to add disks to running VM
This release adds ability to add disks to running Xen Virtual machines.
Additional Certified Configurations
RHEL 5.3, CentOS 5.3 and Ubuntu 9.04 are added to the list of supported distributions. For a complete list of supported configurations, please visit the supported configurations page.
Complete Details: