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Xen Summit North America Options

By July 22, 2009March 4th, 2019Announcements

For those of you thinking about Xen Summit North America in 2010, here are some other options besides the Pittsburgh opportunity I listed earlier this week.

  • Co-Locate with USENIX NSDI in San Jose, CA (April 28-30, 2010) – San Jose Fairmont Hotel
  • Co-Locate with USENIX FAST in San Jose, CA (Feb 23-26, 2010)
  • Co-Locate with USENIX  Annual Tech Conference in Boston, MA (June 20-25, 2010)
  • Spring in Vancouver, BC – Washington, D.C. – New York, NY – Orlando, FL – Seattle, WA  [There is no requirement to co-locate an event so we are open to other areas; however, cost becomes a factor going solo]

I think the NSDI option is interesting as the dates look good and the San Jose Fairmont Hotel is very nice; however, I was hoping to host the event on the East Coast of the US as we were on the West Coast last year. Thoughts?
Note – I have not contacted USENIX about these possibilities but wanted to get some community feedback on the ideas.