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Community Manager Gives up on Computers!

By August 15, 2009March 4th, 2019Announcements

That’s it, in one week my Windows XP machines was hit with a virus and is no longer usable; my Linux Netbook tried to download too many updates and is now out of room and requires a complete new installation, and of course, my Mac is no longer backing up to the Time Capsule. I have had enough. Can someone please tell me which OS to use that will actually work – perhaps I should try NetBSD?
Anyway, I am in the process of turning on the new online registration system for speakers interested in presenting at Xen Summit Asia China in November. I had planned to bring that system live today but my computer problems have backed me up. I plan to launch that system on Monday.
Also, I have a 18 minute interview with Jeremy Fitzhardinge ready for upload and plan to work on that for publication on Monday as well.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend and your computers are working correctly!