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Community Manager Goes Native!

By August 17, 2009March 4th, 2019Announcements

That’s it – I have given up on Windows. After trying to fix my Windows XP machine with a lovely virus and not having any luck, I have decided to just install Linux and be done with it. I am now running Fedora 11 (which has its own set of issues) and am moving forward. I have been able to get some apps such as Skype and Citrix ICA to work with Fedora but am still struggling with the Sirius Online Player for satellite radio – anyone had luck with that?
Also, the Jeremy Fitzhardinge interview is 18 minutes and plays perfect on my Flip Video camera but after loading it on to my Mac and Linux machine, I am unable to get the audio to play. I am still trying to solve this issue and will post the interview as soon as the audio solution is found.
Finally, I am starting the Weekly Update tracking on the Wiki for this week and will catchup on last week’s tracking during this week and will send out this week and last week’s updates on Friday. Sorry for the week delay for those of you who monitor the weekly update.