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By August 31, 2009March 7th, 2019Announcements

Xen Community:
The website update is now complete. Of course, if you find a bad link or poorly spelled word, please let me know and I will fix the mistake.
The new site is now structured in the following manner:
Home – Products – Support – Community – News
Products -> Downloads – Xen Hypervisor – XCI – Cloud Xen – Projects – Solution Search
Support -> Community – Documentation\
Community -> Xen Events – Members – Projects
My intention was to allow for more focus on the individual projects within (Xen Hypervisor, Cloud Xen, XCI, etc) as the community is now focused on more than just the Xen Hypervisor. Each product section has its own Roadmap, Archives, Source Code, and Support page making it easier for people to monitor the separate projects.
I have also updated the community projects by category to make it easier for people to find a particular Xen related (non-community led) project. This page is at
Finally, with the announcement of Cloud Xen today, I wanted to let everyone know that the final source code tree for development is not ready. The Citrix engineering team and other community vendors are still working out the details on that tree and I will notify everyone when it is ready.