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Xen Summit Asia Topics – Here is What We are Thinking

By September 17, 2009March 7th, 2019Announcements

The topics for the Xen Summit Asia event in late November are starting to come together and I wanted to share them with everyone. Here are some ideas being considered:

  • XCI – Update on the Xen Client Initiative project and demos
  • Cloud Xen – Update on the newest project, Cloud Xen
  • NetChannel2
  • VSwitch – OpenFlow
  • PVOps  – Latest on the new PVOps Dom0 Linux Kernel
  • Page Sharing
  • Real-time Xen

What about you? Are you still thinking about speaking but haven’t submitted a topic yet?  If so, simple go to and submit your idea today!
Thinking about attending? Registration is now open for International and Chinese attendees.