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Xen Orchestra Project

By September 22, 2009March 4th, 2019Announcements

I wanted to promote a Xen management solution that I have recently become aware of – Xen Orchestra Project. The main project site is at with the project being led by Olivier Lambert and Julien Fontanet. I encourage everyone to take a look and feel free to contact Olivier is you have some time to assist in the development of features or testing.
From the site:
I want to provide a clear and simple application.
Mainly with Xen, questions are “Where are my DomU’s at this time ? Are they running ?”. That’s why I started this project : although my DomU’s are on different Dom0, I want to see them all quickly, in one page.
And I would like to stop/pause/restart them in one click. Live migration is really a great feature for Xen : so, it could be easily accesible (two clicks 😉 )
Furthermore, check informations about a DomU (like CPU parameters etc.) is crucial. But this is not a final objective.
Future of Xen Orchestra, example of next features :
* allow set of all DomU parameters (CPU, RAM etc.). Set all this stuff in live ;
* restrict access with “DomU per users” : user “foobar” can access and modifiy it’s own domU, or more. Can be really usefull in a classroom for testing prupose, or for developer ;
* possibility of cloning domU and create them (with creating roles, a kind of interface of xen-create-image).
Stability vs cutting edge :
Each time new features will be introduced, it will be in a devel version. I like the “debian way” : first of all, correct bugs, then test… and if there is no (critical) bugs, put the devel version in stable.