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Announcing Project Golden Ratio for

By November 4, 2009March 4th, 2019Announcements

I am planning to revamp the way that measures itself starting in Q1 2010 and have drafted a plan for community review and input. The document Project Golden Ratio is currently in pdf and I can get you an odt version if you would like to edit it directly.
Foot Fungus
Project Introduction
Project Golden Ratio is a new project within the community to determine a set of metrics that allow the community to measure and evaluate itself. These set of metrics will allow the community to find areas of strength and weakness in an overall effort to improve community participation, growth, and success. As with all things open source, Project Golden Ratio will be developed in the public space and is open to contribution from all interested parties.
The following community activities will be measured:

  • Products – software, testing, support, documentation, mailing lists
  • Website – traffic measurements
  • Community Activity – promotion, events, user groups, evangelists
  • Social Networks – 3rd party networking sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn)

More information on the Golden Ratio can be found at
The complete document is here.