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Fujitsu and VA Linux Systems Japan K.K Join Xen Advisory Board

By November 18, 2009March 4th, 2019Announcements

The Xen community is pleased to announce the addition of Fujitsu and VA Linux Systems Japan  K.K. to the Xen Advisory Board. Fujitsu and VA Linux Systems joins other leading enterprise vendors to offer expertise and leadership to promote the Xen hypervisor as the industry standard in open source virtualization. The addition of these two influential vendors based in Japan provides Xen with an enhanced customer prospective in the server, client and cloud virtualization markets.
Over the last two years, Fujitsu  has significantly increased their contribution to the community. Fujitsu hosted the inaugural Xen Summit Asia event in 2008 at their Makuhari Lab, submitted a substantial number of accepted patches for the Itanium (IA64) Xen hypervisor and the following Xen features: PV SCSI driver, PV USB driver, VTd SAN boot support,  and guest dump. The company has also been a leader in defining and contributing to the newly launched Xen Client Initiative (XCI) and Xen Cloud Platform. Finally, Fujitsu has recently released a benchmark tool for virtualization, AutoVMbench.
VA Linux Japan has also been a great Xen evangelist with presentations at 2007, Japan Linux Symposium 2009, Xen Summit Boston 2008, Xen Summit Asia 2008, and Xen Summit Fall 2006. They have also sponsored 2 Xen Conferences in Japan in 2007 and 2008 with sizeable audiences. On the development side of Xen, VA Linux Japan is the current Xen/IA 64 maintainer and has contributed large amounts of code for PCI passthrough, I/O schedulers and bandwidth control, domU core-dump, and Linux upstream of domU pv_ops/ia64.
“Having Fujitsu and VA Linux Japan join the Xen Advisory Board is another milestone for the Xen community, demonstrating the broad reach of the project,” said Ian Pratt, founder of the xen project and Chairman of “With Fujitsu’s and VA Linux Japan’s industry leadership and strong presence in the Asian marketplace, the community is further strengthened, ensuring a continued leadership position as the open source hypervisor of choice.”
“Fujitsu is committed to contribute to the open source with  Xen community, and we are excited to join the Xen Advisory Board,” said Chiseki Sagawa, president of the SOP Strategy and Development Office at Fujitsu. “With the openness and enterprise-class features of the Xen Cloud Platform, customers can freely choose best of enterprise ready cloud platform from various vendors.”
“VA Linux Japan has been contributing to the Xen community since its inception, offering high-quality consulting services for the Xen virtualization technology in Japan. Today’s announcement of joining the Xen advisory board gives us a confidence that our efforts toward the Xen open source projects have been widely recognized.” said Iehisa “Ike” Nakamura, president and CEO, VA Linux Japan. “We are proud to be a member of the Xen advisory board. VA Linux is committed to support the adoption of the Xen technology and XCP in Japan and continue to contribute to”
The Xen Advisory Board provides oversight and guidance to the Xen project for all community activities, technology development, and management of the Xen® trademark. The Xen Advisory Board includes membership from the top eight contributors to the Xen project, as well as the key vendors delivering the Xen hypervisor. Current advisory board members are Citrix, HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Intel, Novell, Oracle, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, and VA Linux Japan.