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Xen Summit Asia 2009 Overview

By November 23, 2009March 7th, 2019Announcements

I have successfully navigated my way home from Shanghai, China and have lots to tell about the amazing Xen Summit Asia event at Intel. To help you get a feel for the size of the crowd here is a short clip of people waiting to complete their registration:

This was the largest Xen Summit event for with speakers from 5 countries (3 continents). Xen Summit also featured 2 keynote presentations from influential Chinese virtualization researchers and open source leaders. The event presentations highlighted the substantial technical vision and capabilities of the community. All event presentations in pdf format along with videos of those presentations are available here; NOTE – I am still obtaining final presentation copies and videos from Intel so expect the page to be updated over this week.
I recommend that you view as many of the presentations as possible and thought I would highlight a few of the topics presented:
* Ian Pratt – Xen Community Update
* Keir Fraser – Xen 4.0 Project Update
* Jun Nakajima – Optimizing and Enhancing VM for Cloud Computing
* Jeremy Fitzhardinge – PVOps Dom0
* Jun Kamada – Evaluation and Improvements of I/O Scalability
* George Dunlap – Xen Scheduler – Formal Abstract
* Chuck Yoo – Real Time Support for Xen
Here is a short video of the event room as people were waiting for the initial Day 1 welcome from Bob Liang.

I would like to personally thank the Intel team in China for their great assistance in putting on this event and for Citrix China for their additional sponsorship support. I would also like to thank the community members in China, Japan, and Korea for their great contributions and support of Xen.