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2010 Community Manager Goals

By January 5, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

As I did in early 2009, I am posting my community manager goals for 2010 to give everyone a better sense of my priorities for the year relating to Of course, the basics of running the community are always a priority but I try and focus my additional efforts in line with these goals.
2010 Community Manager Goals:

  1. Solutions
  2. Promotion
  3. Globalization

Solutions – Continued efforts in the development of the Xen Hypervisor along with additional community work on XCP [XAPI], XCI, Xen ARM, and Hosted Xen (HXEN).
Promotions – Orchestrated effort to promote Xen Hypervisor, XCP, XCI, etc to global Linux community via event participation, blogs, articles in magazines, and new efforts with Linux Foundation.
Globalization – Continued work for in Asia along with new events and promotion in South America. Also revisit language support for website, documentation, promotion, and products.
As you can see, I plan to spend time in 2010 promoting the great products developed at with an emphasis in Asia and South America as open source solutions are gaining incredible traction in both of those regions.
I look forward to the community feedback on these goals and welcome all contributions in finding new ways to promote, support, and globalize