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xn-Suite : New Open Source Monitoring Solution for Xen

By January 22, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

From Michael Schmidt in xen-users:
The xn-Suite for managing and monitoring open source Xen Dom0 / DomUs. This software is completely free for personal and commercial use.
The xn-Suite consists of the following modules:

  • xn-manage – Using this module you are able to start, stop or reboot your vserver and to create or edit it’s Xen DomU configuration.
  • xn-mem – This module is able to dynamically manage the vserver’s memory.  You can control the minimum and maximum memory assigned, the xn-mem daemon will dynamically assign the memory required to your vserver. It also provides you with the possiblity to overcommit your physical memory.
  • xn-mon – Collects runtime data and creates statistics of the hardware usage.
  • xn-traff – Network traffic accounting for vservers.
  • xn-web – An web interface for managing modules and users.

The software is written in C++ and available as a download for most common Linux distributions.  More detailed description including screenshots and can be found here: