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Project Golden Ratio – February Data

By March 2, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

As we have completed another month, I have updated the Project Golden Ratio tracking sheet with February 2010 data. It is important to remember that February only has 28 days so some of the data items are a bit smaller but the trends on monthly statistics are already clear. The complete data set is  here.
Some highlights that I found interesting:

  • Xen Cloud Platform home page is now #4 in page hits
  • Document Support page continues to receive 3x hits compared to Community Support page
  • Number 1 blog posting for month was Xen HA Cluster Demo Videos with 936 views; confirms my belief that we need more how to videos on
  • Solution Search Tool – strong number of product hits with 3,864 and an amazing 16.33% click thru rate
  • Xen-users mailing list had an 80.39% answer rate down from 89.76% in January; March data will give us a sense of where the average is

As usual, if you have any ideas for items to track or other feedback please email me or add a comment to this message.