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Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) Repositories Available on xen-unstable

By March 12, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

From Vincent Hanquez on xen-devel:
I’m please to announce the availability of repositories [1,2] for the xen cloud platform tools [3] on xen-unstable.
The goal of these repositories is to make compilation of the XCP platform toolstack:

  • “easier” than in the current form.
  • available with bleeding edge xen (and also libxenlight).
  • integrate with any distributions (potentially creating debian/redhat/etc packages)

Dependencies you need to have:

  • ocaml compilers and tools (debian = ocaml, camlp4, camlp4-extra, ocaml-nox)
  • ocaml package type-conv (debian = libtype-conv-camlp4-dev)
  • ocaml package dbus only for XCI (debian = libdbus-ocaml-dev)
  • omake (debian = omake)
  • xen-unstable


  • you need to clone [1] and inside the repository “git checkout unstable”
  • ./configure
  • make all
  • make allxen
  • make install && make installxen
  • you need to clone [2] and inside the repository “git checkout unstable”
  • make

At the moment the usability straight out of the repository is pretty low, as the XCP toolstack requires lots of various configurations and setting that are not joined. it is recommended to copy the setup of a properly configured XCP installation for getting started, until all the requirements are relaxed/made more generic/etc..
Please note that this is not as tested as the official XCP platform, so you should be careful when using those repositories, and they should be considered for development only. For stable installation please refer to [3] Libxenlight integration
The goal is to integrate libxenlight into the XCP and XCI. until this works is fully done and stable, the xl work will stays separated from this work, nonetheless if you’re felling lucky or want to help, you can checkout the “unstable-xl” branch.
You can also find in [4] the equivalent effort related to the XCI project (branch unstable and unstable-xl)
[1] git://
[2] git://
[4] git://